South Poll Grass Cattle were bred deep in the Heart of Dixie to perform well in the south's heat and humidity.  Teddy Gentry of Fort Payne, Alabama had the vision over twenty years ago to develop a new composite beef cattle breed combining four maternal breeds:
Angus   -   Hereford   -   Senepol   -    Barzona

The resulting composite he named South Poll

South Polls are slick-haired moderate-framed cattle.  Teddy placed an emphasis on high fertility, longevity, and calm disposition.  Particular attention was paid to carcass quality and tenderness.  South Polls are highly adaptable to all climates and grasses and will thrive and excel on grass alone without costly inputs and supplementation.

 for sale in late fall:

Weaned heifers, bulls and steers for grass-fed operations
A selection of open and bred cows and breeding age bulls

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